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Philip Mazur commands more than a decade of experience serving either as a private practitioner or a legal consultant of nationally respected law firms. In 2009, he founded the Law Offices of Philip E. Mazur, Esq., in Morris Plains, New Jersey, where he currently serves clients in need of counsel or representation regarding complex commercial litigation, shareholder and partner disputes, or employment law. Basing his service upon the needs of his community, Philip Mazur offers professional, quality litigation and related business law services to small and medium companies at a fraction of the cost charged by larger multi-lawyer firms.

Prior to beginning his career, Philip Mazur earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Rutgers College in New Jersey, and a Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law. Upon completing his law degree, he clerked for the Honorable Virginia A. Long, formerly a member of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, for a year. Mr. Mazur then worked as an associate attorney for Drinker Biddle LLP at the prestigious U.S. firm’s office in Florham Park, New Jersey. During his three years with Drinker Biddle, he practiced commercial and employment law and provided partnership and shareholder litigation. From 2003 until 2009, Mr. Mazur joined Orloff, Lowenbach, Stifelman & Siegel, P.A., of Roseland, New Jersey. During his tenure with the firm, he worked under and received guidance from notable New Jersey lawyer Laurence B. Orloff.

Over the years, Philip Mazur has represented clients in numerous cases involving commercial litigation, consumer fraud, and contract and employment disputes, thus maintaining experience at both the trial- and appellate-court levels. One of his major successes includes the successful appeal of the Township of Readington v. Solberg Aviation Company, et. al. decision: Mr. Mazur represented a private aviation firm and overturned a previous judgment that allowed the Readington Township to impose eminent domain on parts of his client’s airport.

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